• TBC (To Be Continued) Film Kit
  • TBC (To Be Continued) Film Kit

TBC (To Be Continued) Film Kit

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To Be Continued (TBC) Film Kit includes 6 x rolls of Kodak 400 film, a 3D printed IUTD keychain, and 2 TBC Film Cameras. It comes in a secure orange plastic casing to protect your memory capturing tools.

About the Cameras: 

This reusable film camera is a look into the future of memory making. The camera features a custom translucent PETG body that snugly hugs the internals, creating a compact form factor. The mechanisms of the camera are free to be seen because of the transparent shell, closing the gap between the dreamer and the tool.

+ Film format: 24x36mm, ISO 200/400

+ Optical lens: 28mm/F8

+ Shutter speed: 1/120s

+ Built in flash, 1-2m flash range

+ Size: 115mm x 65mm x 35mm

+ Focus: 1m to ∞

+ Materials: PETG & ABS

Camera designed for IUTD Studios in Canada, Croatia and the UAE by Shraeyas Massey & Joshua Cirjak.

AA battery and film not included.