Our Story

IUTD* Studios (I Used To Dream* Studios)
is a brand that writes stories.
Every chapter is the expression of different
thoughts and experiences
not just through clothing, but also different objects, music, workshops etc.

This is our diary.

IUTD* represents EVERY person that is willing to break the patterns of their
everyday and who are willing to stand up for what they think and truly believe in.
“For the dreamers, as crazy as they seem.
Here’s to the moves they make,
dreamers who dare to dream while awake.”


North America

Beau Photo Supplies Vancouver, Canada

Gelatin Labs New Jersey, USA

Bellows Film Lab Miami, USA

Bellows Film Lab Atlanta, USA

Bellows Film Lab Chicago, USA

NYC Film Lab New York, USA

LA Film Lab Los Angeles, USA

Wilson Camera Scottsdale, USA


Safelight Berlin Berlin, Germany

Dubblefilm Barcelona, Spain

Foto R-3 Gijon, Spain

Chandal Barcelona, Spain

La Peliculera Madrid, Spain

1826 Film Lab Madrid, Spain

Nada Carrete Sevilla, Spain

Unwind Films Vienna, Austria

Sunbath Film Lab Paris, France

Three Sitting Birds Larnaca, Cyprus

J&A Photography Studio Sheffield, United Kingdom

Analogue Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands


SNAPPP Inc. Taipei City, Taiwan

Lomocrewz Kuantan, Malaysia

Hertz Film Lab Busan, South Korea

Filmlog Seoul, South Korea

Panda Camera Hong Kong


FilmNeverDie Melbourne, Australia